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Person Centred Care Planning

Care plans should evolve not revolve. Our care plan app helps you do just that by saying goodbye to bulky files & hello to the future of care planning.

Our person-centred care planning solution helps give you time back to do what you really want to be doing - caring for people instead of endlessly searching through sheet after sheet of paper trying to find the information you need.

Person Centred Care Planning: Projects

Medication Admin

Finding the Right Person, Right Medication, Right dosage, Right time, Right Route has never been easier & don't forget the Right to Refuse.

Person Centred Care Planning: Welcome

Day Planner

Help keep records of what the people you are supporting have done today, are doing for the week, a summary of all the things that worked well & what needs changing to make the next time more successful & for those unlikely times when things really didn't go as planned there are incident reports.

Person Centred Care Planning: About Me
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